Residual Cog (cygnus) wrote,
Residual Cog

Shameless pimping! A two for one deal just for you!

You heard right! Not one, but two incredibly fantastic and stylish New Thangs™ for you, yes you, to "check out" today!
  1. The Warrior Queen of Awesomeland herself, porcelain72, has joined forces with your humble narrator in a new blog over at Wordpress called Deadly Stealth Frogs, where we shall tackle all sorts of fun topics together and hopefully make a good point once in a while. Or piss people off, that works too. Seriously, though, it's something we've wanted to do for a while, so please do check it out when you get a chance. There's an LJ feed at dsf_rss for your convenience.

    We're still getting used to Wordpress, so if you spot anything that seems wonky or whatever, please let us know. And feel free to send gifts, money and/or point and laugh!

  2. I also want to take a moment to pimp out my friend Doug's webcomic, Evol Clock.

    Doug is a master of the surreal and wacky humor, and I'm glad he's finally putting it to good use. As opposed to antagonizing midgets or something. Anyway, check it out. I highly recommend the blues legend of Melvin (starting at this comic).
You all have a LOVELY weekend now. :)
Tags: frogs!, omgwtfalpaca!, pimpin' is actually pretty easy

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